⁠Conversational Intelligence for Teams

We live in turbulent times. Now more than ever, teams need to communicate effectively to collaborate and solve daily challenges. How can we make this happen? How can teams harness conversational intelligence as their superpower? Leading this process is both the responsibility and privilege of leaders, and this conference explores how to achieve it.

Conversational Intelligence for Leaders (One-on-One)

Leadership is a continuous craft without a graduation date. It is through team members that leaders drive transformation and results. Therefore, it’s crucial for leaders to possess and practice conversational intelligence to inspire, impact, and mobilize each team member individually.

Learners who Contribute, Contributors who Add

A changing environment requires teams with a flexible mindset and a commitment to continuous learning. But how do we encourage learning? Moreover, if you’re a leader tasked with teaching, how do you do so effectively in short interventions of 15, 20, or 30 minutes? This conference focuses on understanding three fundamental tools of the Impactful Learning Model.

The 5 Colors of the Virtuous Climate

Workplaces today are no longer merely where time is exchanged for money; they are places of purpose and legacy. How can we create a workplace that encourages people to contribute to the organization’s purpose? How can we color that space so people want to invest their passion, talents, and time? Participants in this conference will learn five tools to create and transform workplace climates into virtuous environments.

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