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In this text, speaker Karen Montalva invites readers to pause amidst the daily whirlwind and delve into the inner world of women, recognizing its essential nature.

The author argues that the well-being of every woman stems from nurturing this inner world. Here, she exists without labels or inherited baggage, alongside her emotions, struggles, daily thoughts, and relationship with time.

The book unfolds its proposition through autobiographical narratives from the author and renowned women worldwide. The extraordinary journey of the monarch butterfly serves as a metaphor guiding the book, inviting readers to make it their own record of inner transformation.

“Soy Monarka is a book that leads you to discover the essence of what we are as women, often unknown to ourselves. It takes you through the journey of its author Karen Montalva’s story, combined with the stories of other exceptional women, inviting every reader to introspect into their own lives. Becoming aware of what has shaped our lives, what we have done, what we have gone through, and what we have overcome, is the path that, through the metaphor of the monarch butterfly, invites us to transcend now, impacting lives, creating smiles, and above all, fulfilling each of our dreams.

FLY, LIVE, ENJOY, AND TRANSCEND like the Monarch butterflies because remember, it depends on you whether you choose to walk into spaces of light or shadow.”

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